How much does it cost per square foot?

BEWARE of receiving a flat price “per square foot” at other businesses for which you may encounter hidden costs after that price is quoted. We realize your project is unique to your needs and desires and is not to be completed in a cookie-cutter fashion. At Stone Age, Inc., every kitchen is custom fabricated. Pricing is done once the stone and layout are known and it includes the type of stone you choose, special features and accessories, the type of sink you choose, and custom cutting that may be done.

Why do big chain stores seem to price low?

There are often added charges, not known to the customer up front but added after the “per square foot” quote resulting in a much higher cost in the end. It is also important to ask questions about their fabrication and installation practices, which are often not as meticulous as Stone Age, Inc. We pride ourselves in the extra steps we take to ensure a reinforced product, matching lots of stone, and precision detailing for seamless installations. We also perform our work right here in Maine, in our fabrication shop.

What is the difference between granite, marble, and Quartz?

Granite is nature’s own beautiful creation of stone and is known for its incredible durability and unique appearance and is well suited for all uses. Marble, also very durable and impressive in appearance, is a slightly softer stone and is less forgivable to the exposures of kitchen use but offers beauty and elegance to bathrooms, hearths, and many other areas. Quartz is a man-made product known for its color consistency and its durability.

What should I ask an installer about stone, marble, or granite projects?

• Is my sink opening going to be rodded?

Embedding a “rod” along both the front and the back of the sink opening insures strength along the weakest part of your installation.

• How is my sink mounted to my countertop?


We use several different styles of sink clips along with an adhesive to ensure that your sink remains tightly secured to your countertop.



• Are the slabs for the project all in numerical order and from the same lot?

Yes, to ensure consistency in color and pattern.

• Is the finished stone fabricated in Maine?

Yes Stone Age Inc. is a custom fabrication shop. Every aspect of your job that you do with us is completed by us right here in Biddeford, Maine. We pride ourselves in being a local business who values the respect and satisfaction of our customers.

How long have you been doing custom kitchen design?

Stone Age added a new department called Stone Coast Kitchens in 2011, but our designer has been working with Maine families to create the kitchens of their dreams for more than 20 years with some of Southern Maine’s leading retailers. Pairing custom cabinets with our countertops seemed like a natural fit for us. We were already fabricating beautiful stone countertops, so now we can design amazing rooms that make the perfect complement for our stonework.

What is your procedure for kitchen design?

This is driven in part by whether the kitchen is new construction or a remodel, though it is a similar process either way. The four basic steps are:

  1. Measure the space that is available
  2. Determine your preferences, wants, needs and budget
  3. Create two plans for your consideration
  4. Choose and fine-tune a final plan

For more details, please refer to the kitchen design tab on our cabinetry page.

How many brands of cabinets do you carry?

We carry six different lines of cabinetry for you to consider. Each has distinctive features and offers different price points so we can work within your budget to create the ideal kitchen or bath for your home.

Do you install the cabinets, too?

No, we do not. If you have carpenters that you would like to use for the installation, please feel free to make arrangements with them to provide the installations and we’ll provide them with everything they need to do it the right way. Otherwise, we would be more than happy to refer a local craftsman who we have used successfully in the past.