StoneCoast-01Here are some tips that may help you prepare to go through the design process, but don’t worry if you haven’t done them all. We’re here to help.

  • Gather a scrapbook of notes, photos articles that you have collected
  • Get together with your family and ask them for their input and wish lists
  • Come up with a budget you can live with
  • Draw a rough sketch of your floor plan with measurements or ask your general contractor/architect for one. Don’t forget to include ceiling height.
  • Call us at (207) 286-9705 to make an appointment or stop in at our showroom to schedule one

Whether you are remodeling your existing kitchen space or in the planning stages of a new construction, Stone Coast Kitchens will work with you to turn a dream into reality. Our process is to collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Whether remodeled or new, the process is similar, with the only difference occurring at the first step:

1. For new homes, the first step is for you to bring in your plans, while with remodeling; we will come to your home to measure your space. There are some things that may help you to prepare for our initial meeting. At this first meeting we will:
  • Answer any questions you may have and get to know you better
  • Review your budget and/or assist you to establish a budget
  • Discuss your scrapbook of ideas (if you have one) and get an idea for the type of room you wish to create with our help
  • Review your floor plan and any structural considerations
  • Form a dedicated timeline based on when you need cabinetry and countertops
2. The next step is to discuss your needs, your dreams and your desires. We will ask questions like:
  • How much storage do you need and what cabinet sizes fit how you live, eat and cook?
  • How heavy is traffic in your kitchen, and how do you want it to flow?
  • Do you have a preferred variety of wood for your cabinets?
  • Do you have a preference for either stain or painted wood, and what colors are your walls going to be?
  • Are there decorative items that you plan to feature, and how would you like them to be displayed?
  • What is the budget for the project and do you have a projected timeline for completion?
3. Based on this information, we will develop two plans for you to consider.
  • We will present you with the designs created in colored perspectives, elevations, and a floor plan.
4. You will choose the one you prefer, though we often end up creating a hybrid of the two.
  • We will review our plans with you and discuss the design, along with any potential modifications you would like to make.
  • Then we will modify the plan as needed until we get to a point to place your order.

We want you to relax and enjoy the process of creating your new space with us. Our commitment to service to you is unlike what you will find elsewhere in the industry. We provide you with the knowledgeable staff and the products that will exceed your expectations. Allow us to help you bring your ideas to fruition. Our mission is, “designing better spaces for Coastal Maine.”